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Approved Research

The social causes and consequences of mental and physical health morbidity

Principal Investigator: Dr Fanny Kilpi
Approved Research ID: 71290
Approval date: January 13th 2022

Lay summary

This study aims to improve our understanding of how depression and high body mass index (BMI) affect an individual's life chances, such as their level of education and income. We also explore whether the comorbidity of mental health and physical health problems can result in an accumulation of social disadvantage.

In this study, we will use data including BMI, depression, genetics, and social outcomes such as education. For the analysis, we will use a technique called Mendelian randomization where genetic data is used to help understand if depression and high BMI affect life chances in women and men. This will project will take approximately 2.5 years to analyse all the data and write the results for publication.

These results are useful for a better understanding of how mental health and physical health influence important social outcomes, and may help with designing health and social policies to address these issues, such as setting priorities around tackling obesity and mental health problems.