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Approved Research

The study of lifestyles, environment factors and genetic variants associated with degenerative spinal disorders.

Principal Investigator: Dr Chengkai Lin
Approved Research ID: 89289
Approval date: September 16th 2022

Lay summary

Aim: The aim of this project is to investigate the causal associations between lifestyles (diet, smoking or drinking habits, occupations, etc.), environmental factors(family income, educational opportunities, accession to health care, etc.) and genetic susceptibility with degenerative spinal disorders.

Scientific rational: Degenerative spinal disorders are the most common cause of non-traumatic spinal cord impairment and often result in progressive neurological decline. Many studies have found that lifestyles, environmental factors, and genetic susceptibility play an important role in the development of degenerative spinal disorders. However, these studies are of low-quality evidence due to small sample sizes, lack of replication and risks of bias. With large sample sizes and availability of genetics data, UK Biobank can provide an exciting opportunity to reveal the associations of lifestyles, environmental exposures, and genetic factors between the disease of degenerative spinal disorders.

Project duration: The estimated project duration is 3 years.

Public health impact: The results would provide a better understanding of genetic variants and external factors associated with degenerative spinal disorders. It will provide clinical guidance to identify populations at a higher risk for the occurrence and development of degenerative spinal disorders. It will be very helpful in revealing the underlying mechanisms that impact the disease process and improve diagnosis and treatment of patients with degenerative spinal disorders.