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Approved research

The UK Biobank Urban Morphometric Platform -Deciphering associations of built environment morphometrics with individual health and lifestyle

Principal Investigator: Dr Chinmoy Sarkar
Approved Research ID: 11730
Approval date: January 27th 2015

Lay summary

We propose to conduct a series of preliminary analyses into associations between various attributes of the built environment and lifestyle, after adjusting for a range of individual-level covariates including prevalent disease. At this stage, our spatial area of interest cover the eight UKB centres; for which all spatial modelling has been completed and submitted to UK Biobank. More specifically, we will assess the health-promoting/inhibiting effects of the built environment on diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, obesity and mental health through a series of statistical analyses. This proposal will not involve re-contact of participants or access to biological samples. Analyses will be conducted into health and the environment. These analyses will be some of the most detailed conducted in this area to-date. Furthermore, the project will also allow the development of statistical models that maybe applied to the full UKB dataset in due course. Development of a series of statistical models to find associations between attributes of built environment (objectively assessed through a series of morphological metrics - morphometrics) and individual level lifestyle including diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, obesity and mental health. Participants from the UKB centres of Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham, BARTS, Croydon, Hounslow, Leeds and Sheffield (N=164,234)