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Approved research

Trinean DNA Contamination detection project

Principal Investigator: Dr Tony Montoye
Approved Research ID: 16971
Approval date: April 18th 2016 | Completion date: May 29th 2019

Lay summary

The aim of the project is to analyze the spectrophotometric measurements performed at UK Biobank upon DNA/RNA isolation in order to verify the presence of contaminants. A subsequent correlation between detected contaminants and sub-optimal downstream genetic tests will be sought. Neither patient information nor detailed outcome of genetic tests is required, merely an indication on the performance of the genetic test. This project will allow UK Biobank to raise their standards on sample quality and implement better Go/No Go desicion for contaminated DNA/RNA samples Data generated by UK Biobank will be collected. Data consists of spectrophotometric results of the DNA samples before entering a genetic test and a performance score of that particular DNA sample during the genetic test. The spectrophotometric data will be analyzed for the presence of contaminants which may be correlated to the bad or suboptimal performance of the genetic test Upon discussions with the DNA extraction lab at UK Bioabank,600 participants with a range of measures will be used