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Approved Research

UK Biobank OMOP based analyses (including COVID-19 network study)

Principal Investigator: Dr Vojtech Huser
Approved Research ID: 62824
Approval date: August 19th 2020

Lay summary

The aim of this project is to convert the format of the UK Biobank data to a commonly used format known as the OMOP Common Data Model. We will then use this converted data to find key information about the dataset. We will do a study on the set of COVID-19 patients and state information about these patients such as lab and hospital usage and outcomes for these patients. We will also look at how COVID-19 effects patients with certain other infectious diseases or other research cohorts. We will also compare different cohorts of COVID patients based on their level of care and show the differences in their information as well as compare these different COVID cohorts to those of cohorts of other infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

This project will take approximately 36 months for the complete conversion (with initial conversion done quickly and improving the degree of included source data) and analysis, and will be of public interest due to its case study focus on COVID-19 and the ability to compare data from different sources thanks to the conversion to a common model.