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Approved research

Understand the relationship between diet, lifestyle and gene-environment interactions and healthy aging

Principal Investigator: Dr Liangkai Chen
Approved Research ID: 63454
Approval date: June 24th 2020

Lay summary

Aims: To investigate the associations of diet, lifestyles, and gene-environment interaction with healthy aging and related diseases. Scientific rationale: The population of the 21st century is aging, and the world population is rapidly aging. With the growing aging population, the burden of aging and aging-associated diseases will continue to be huge medical and financial problems for the society. Aging is a process resulting from complex interactions among multiple environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle, and genetic predisposition. An in-depth understanding of the impact of diet, lifestyles, and gene-environment interaction on aging and related diseases is considerably important. Project duration: 36 months. Public health impact: Applying the comprehensive and high-quality data of UK biobank, it is potential to transform our understanding of the epidemiology of aging and have a world-wide impact on promoting successful aging.