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Approved Research

Understanding biological pathways implicated in complex trait biology through analysis of shared and distinct loci between and within traits.

Principal Investigator: Miss Dalia Mizikovsky
Approved Research ID: 91057
Approval date: December 23rd 2022

Lay summary

Genes act together to control how cells work together in tissues. Changing the information in DNA that encodes a gene results in natural variation across individuals, such as height, and complex diseases, such as asthma. We currently do not have a clear understanding about how genes work together.

By characterising the relationship between genetic changes and many diverse traits and diseases, we aim to identify patterns that implicate genes as working together.  In other words, genes that cause the same effect on traits and diseases are likely to be involved in shared biological processes. Using the wide range of data available in the UK Biobank, we aim to reveal how genes work together to control cell processes.

These new insights will help improve prediction of disease risk and drug discovery. We further anticipate that this approach will help us to understand how gene programs are affected in specific individuals to improve personalised treatments.