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Approved Research

Understanding the genetic basis and pathophysiology of heart failure subtypes

Principal Investigator: Dr Zaniar Ghazizadeh
Approved Research ID: 61335
Approval date: August 24th 2020

Lay summary

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction makes up more than half of all cause congestive heart failure cases and the prevalence is expected to increase 50% by 2035. Among the patients with HFpEF, co-existence of other co-morbidities (such as atrial fibrillations) is associated with worse outcomes.

The limited success of pharmacological approaches to HFpEF is at least in part a consequence of the inaccessibility of mechanisms and heterogeneity that was observed in this population. Also, identification of novel quantitative traits before emergence of congestive symptoms can enable early implementation of preventive strategies.

Data from UK Biobank, will allow identification of proximate mechanisms and stratification of heart failure into biologically distinct subtypes to facilitate development of personalized therapeutic options.