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Approved Research

Understanding the relationship between the genetic and neural architecture of communication traits and health

Principal Investigator: Dr Reyna Gordon
Approved Research ID: 92760
Approval date: December 23rd 2022

Lay summary

We are interested in understanding the influence of genes on human communication skills and on their underlying brain mechanisms. Individual differences in communication skills and brain structure and function are hypothesized to be due to subtle differences in our genetic makeup. One way to explore this is to highlight the naturally occurring differences between individuals' brains that are relevant for communication skills, and map out the genetic influences on these differences. Additionally, we are interested in mapping biological relationships between human communication and other aspects of social functioning and health outcomes. This project may result in significant advances in knowledge for understanding risk factors for communication disorders and underlying biological mechanisms of human language traits. Moreover, potential connections between musicality, language, brain, and health will advance basic science knowledge and suggest avenues for health and well-being through music.