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Approved Research

Using the UK Biobank genome sequencing data as a reference panel for genotype imputation and genetic ancestry analysis in statistical genetics applications

Principal Investigator: Professor Peter Donnelly
Approved Research ID: 88969
Approval date: September 16th 2022

Lay summary

Genomics plc is engaged in a broad range of use cases to support research and commercial activities based around characterising genetic risk for individuals for a wide range of common diseases and disease-related biomarkers, with the goal of improving health outcomes for individuals and healthcare providers. In this project, we will use common genetic variation data from the UK BioBank to impute, or "fill in the gaps", of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and large cohorts, to maximise the utility of these data for genomic prediction. We then aim to use these data to help estimate an individual's inherited risk of a broad range of common and treatable diseases years or even decades before any symptoms appear. The duration of the project will initially be a rolling 3-year period, as we work to expand our suite of risk predictions.