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Approved research

Using UK biobank as a replication cohort in Case/Control GWAS for hidradenitis superativa (HS) risk loci

Principal Investigator: Dr Jacob Degner
Approved Research ID: 29169
Approval date: February 22nd 2018

Lay summary

We are requesting access to specific genotypes we have identified as associated with hidradenitis superativa (HS) in a Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS). Access to UK biobank samples will allow us to attempt to replicate our finding in an independent cohort and greatly increase our confidence that the associated variants are truly causally related to HS. Research will contribute to a better understanding of the genetics of HS which could lead to better treatment options for patients We are requesting genotypes of all individuals in UK biobank. Our purpose will be to compare genotype frequencies of 200 HS samples to genotype frequency of unaffected controls. After obtaining these specific genotypes, we will compare frequencies of the proposed risk alleles in HS patients to frequencies in unaffected individuals. A significant association at these loci will confirm there is a genuine involvement of these loci in HS risk. Full cohort