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Healthy Minds 2 Questionnaire

Healthy Minds 2 Questionnaire

Cognitive function is associated with health issues such as dementia and other conditions that people might not immediately relate to cognition, like heart disease and many mental health outcomes. It is therefore crucial to understand cognitive ability (and its decline) in later life.

In 2021 we began to invite UK Biobank participants to take part in our 'Healthy Minds 2' project which involves completing some online games and puzzles.

Invitations have been sent by email but you can also complete the questionnaire by logging on to the participant section of our website using your PID and personal details if you have not shared your email address with UK Biobank or if you missed the email. The tests are best completed on devices with larger screens, such as tablets, laptops and desktop computers. If you have questions or need help, please call our Participant Resource Centre on 0800 0 276 276 free of charge, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, or send us an email to

As always, the responses to this questionnaire are confidential and will only be used for health-related research that is in the public interest.

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