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Your genetics, everybody's health

2023 will be seen as a major year in genetics research - and you have helped make it possible.

Flick through these pages and see the astonishing achievements your support and time have enabled: from your initial blood samples and physical measures taken at recruitment, to web-based questionnaires and imaging visits.

UK Biobank-approved researchers from universities, charities and companies now have access to information that they could previously only dream about: the entire genetic code for all UK Biobank participants, along with information on the levels of 3,000 proteins from over 54,000 of you.

This means that they can see not only our bodies’ blueprints but also key parts of the biological machinery that affect our health. Scientists are also gaining new insights into how the environment and our lifestyles, together with genetics, influence the development of disease. 

Over 10,000 scientific papers have now been published using data from UK Biobank - and the rate is accelerating!

And that is all thanks to you.

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One of science's greatest achievements

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Thanks to your help, in November 2023, UK Biobank provided approved researchers around the world with access to the whole genome sequences of half a million participants. This is by far the largest amount of genetic data from one study that’s been made available to science, and will help scientists to better diagnose, prevent and treat disease.

UK Biobank-approved researchers from around the world will be able to gain fresh insights into a genetic landscape previously unexplored. Scientists will unveil a rich mosaic of rare and hidden genetic mutations implicated in health and disease.

You are changing science as we know it and together we are shaping the future of medical research for generations to come.

UK Biobank is hugely grateful for your ongoing contribution and support.

UK Biobank's lab team

A new era of medical discoveries, treatments and cures is on the horizon, researchers say, following the announcement that an unprecedented trove of genetic information is to be made avaliable to scientists.

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