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We're a flexible, welcoming team of about 150 people, with a wide range of skills and backgrounds, working to enable scientific discovery to improve public health. We provide health data to thousands of scientists worldwide - whether it's helping to fight coronavirus, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, or lots of other illnesses that strike in mid to late life. 

By joining, you will work alongside some of the world's leading health researchers from industry and academia, working together to make significant improvements in global health and disease.  We are looking for talented people who share our vision to make a difference.

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A shining example

The generosity of the UK in sharing this resource with the rest of the world is a shining example of the value of investing in the greater good


More about UK Biobank

UK Biobank is a fast-paced, dynamic organisation that fosters an engaging environment and supports the development of our staff. We provide opportunities for our staff members to work alongside some of the world's leading scientists in biomedical data to support our mission to improve public health. We have dedicated staff members that work across several teams to drive success for health discovery.

Find out more about the teams in UK Biobank, and how each plays a pivotal role in delivering on our goal of driving discovery through data.

The Imaging Team

Sue works for the groundbreaking UK Biobank imaging study. UK Biobank imaging staff are part of the world's largest imaging project of its kind. By scanning the heart, brain, and bones in 100,000 participants, it will generate an unprecedented level of data to further our understanding of disease progression.

The Executive Team

Mark is Deputy CEO, responsible for delivering on our aims to enable scientific discovery to improve public health. Through our excellent staff, that span across laboratories, advanced IT, clinic staff, access, and the scientific team, we continually enhance the data for international research.

IT and Programming Team

Brittany joined us as a temp, and over the years we have supported Brittany in her ambitions to become part of the programming team. We work hard to deliver industry gold standard systems for data collection, storage, and access, and the programming team is vital in this process.

The Lab Team

Our lab team is pivotal in ensuring a high standard of collection and storage of valuable depletable samples. Enabling advanced analyses to be conducted on samples. 

The Access Team

The UK Biobank access team support the international research community in gaining access to our data in order to conduct ground-breaking research to improve public health.

Study Administration Team

UK Biobank administration teams help ensure delivery of a wide range of research initiatives. Providing engagement and support to our half a million participants.

The Operations Team

Team members are involved in developing projects from the initial idea, through to successful completion. Managing complex projects such as imaging and genetics.

The Data Analyst Team

Our data analysts deal with the raw data in UK Biobank, preparing large datasets for use by researchers. This team is vital in getting data ready for research to enable discovery.

The Epidemiology Team

Our scientific team assess applications to use the data, to ensure they meet our access policies. With a range of expertise this team also develops new, valuable enhancements.

The Communications Team

The communications team are responsible for ensuring scientists and participants are kept up to date on developments with the resource.

The Finance Team

Our finance team support the resource to achieve its goals through accurate forecasting and management of funding streams.

Human Resources

The human resources team support staff across the organisation to reach their potential through development and training programmes.

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