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UK Biobank seeks new Trustees

The role and the individual

UK Biobank is now looking for up to 2 new Trustees to join the Board of Trustees.  This is a perfect time and an ideal opportunity to play a crucial role in setting the future direction of UK Biobank as a member of a committed and focused team of Trustees. This involves a clear understanding of what is involved in being a charity trustee and demonstrable ability to contribute constructively to a high quality and collaborative Board environment.

Candidates will have excellent inter-personal and communication skills, astute judgement, and integrity. The role does not attract any remuneration, but reasonable expenses are payable.  There are approximately 4 meetings of the Board each year which last up to 3 hours. Meetings are usually held in London, but to facilitate involvement by a diverse range of Trustees, it is possible to attend by videoconference.

In order to complement the skills that the Board already possesses, UK Biobank is specifically looking for individuals with knowledge and expertise in the following two areas: bioinformatics and biomarkers (particularly proteomic and metabolomic); participant and public engagement/communication.  Candidates are expected to have a combination of skills, expertise and experience which would be of clear value to UK Biobank.

The organisation

UK Biobank is one of the world’s largest biomedical databases and research resources, containing in-depth genetic and health information from half a million UK participants. The database is regularly augmented with additional data and is globally accessible to approved researchers undertaking vital research into the most common and life-threatening diseases. It is a major contributor to the advancement of modern medicine and treatment, and continuously enables several scientific discoveries that improve human health.

UK Biobank’s objective is to encourage as many bona fide researchers as possible to use the research resource to perform health research that’s in the public interest, whether they are from academic, commercial, or charitable organisations, and from anywhere in the world.  This approach is enabling scientific discoveries that are changing our understanding of why and how diseases develop in some people but not in others. This will help to identify ways to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases in the future.

Improving the world's health is complex, which is why UK Biobank fosters collaboration between experts from academia, industry, charity, and government to support advances in health research.  Applications to use UK Biobank continue to grow year on year from over 80 countries, with 75% of applications to use the research resource coming from about 30,000 international researchers. UK Biobank is a showcase for the UK as a place for enabling pioneering health research across the global research community. 

UK Biobank is a company limited by guarantee and is a registered charity in England and Scotland. It was established by the MRC and Wellcome in 2003, with additional support from other government and charity funders of health research, and has a Board of Directors (Trustees).

The process

Candidates are encouraged to apply by Friday 25th February 2022.  UK Biobank is a strong supporter of equality and diversity, and it actively encourages expressions of interest from those who will increase diversity of representation on the Board of Trustees (including UK Biobank participants). 

Please apply by submitting a short covering letter and summary resume to  

UK Biobank is the thing we always dreamed of…

The idea that there would one day be a big population collection with information on so many phenotypes, coupled to genetic information, and that all of that information would be shared freely with researchers in the simplest, most fluid way

Eric Lander, Founding Director Broad Institute

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