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25,000 participants scanned in the UK Biobank imaging study

25,000 participants scanned in the UK Biobank imaging study

"This globally important resource permits a unique opportunity for world leading multidisciplinary discovery science, uniquely facilitating analyses across multiple organ systems, combining detailed mechanistic information with the comprehensive imaging, and places the UK at the forefront of biomedical science internationally."

Professor Nick Harvey, Southampton University

"It already is 5x larger than the largest population research imaging study conducted anywhere in the world to date. Such size is essential for gaining sufficient sensitivity to make out the “signatures” of diseases that affect the older UK population well before they happen, when they still can be prevented."

Paul M. Matthews, OBE, MD, DPhil, FRCP, FMedSci

"In the first 25,000 UK Biobank imaging participants, we’ll have scanned 500 people who go on to receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s by 2022. This will enable us to identify the signatures of dementia in the brain before individuals begin to get sick."

Professor Karla Miller, FMRIB