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Professor Sir Rory Collins awarded the MRC Millennium Medal 2020

Professor Sir Rory Collins awarded the MRC Millennium Medal 2020

London, 16 December 2020 - The Medical Research Council, UK Biobank’s long-term funder and supporter, announced today that Professor Sir Rory Collins has been awarded the MRC Millennium Medal 2020. This medal is presented to an exceptional scientist who has made a major contribution towards the MRC’s mission to improve health, quality of life and wealth creation. It is the most prestigious accolade awarded to an individual by the Medical Research Council, and not only a tremendous personal achievement, but reflects the global impact of Sir Rory’s work.

Sir Rory is being recognised, not only for his visionary leadership of UK Biobank, but also his contributions to investigating the causes, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease. His application of clinical trial methodology to addressing the management of cardiovascular disease has transformed clinical practice globally.

"In receiving this award, Sir Rory joins fellow pioneers in medical research, Sir Peter Mansfield, Professor Janet Derbyshire and Professor Sir Philip Cohen, cementing his position as one of the UK’s leading clinician scientists. This year has shown us the importance of furthering scientific discovery and it is therefore fitting that 2020 is the year that Sir Rory’s outstanding achievements have been recognised."

Professor Lord Kakkar, Chairman of UK Biobank

More information about the MRC Millennium Medal 2020 can be found here.