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UK Biobank approves its 10,000th researcher

UK Biobank approves its 10,000th researcher

A scientist from the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata has become UK Biobank’s 10,000th approved researcher.  Mr Anabik Pal, who submitted his PhD only recently, was drawn to the resource because of the wide range of heart imaging data available. 

His registration demonstrates the global reach of UK Biobank, with scientists from 68 different countries now registered with the resource. 

In order to encourage greater use by scientists from developing countries, a reduced fee may apply to researchers whose institute is in a low or low/middle income country. Students using the UK Biobank resource for their theses may also qualify for reduced fees. For more information on our scientist pages, click here. 

"I am excited to work on developing medical imaging analysis for clinical assistance. I spoke about my ambition to a UK-based researcher who suggested that UK Biobank could help as it is full of useful data which I can use for my research."

Mr Anabik Pal

UK Biobank has now approved more than 1,000 research applications (now projects), and researchers working on the data have generated more than 700 published papers.

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