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Scientific Conference 2023


Innovation for tomorrow's health

UK Biobank held our scientific conference in London on the 13th December 2023.

A one day event featuring world-leading speakers, exciting data developments, and updates on novel scientific results. 

Presentations covered the opportunities for health research through expanded linkage to healthcare data, how UK Biobank can facilitate research into dementia, plus details of the highly anticipated release of whole genome sequencing data on all 500,000 UK Biobank participants. 

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The UK Biobank Scientific Conference greeted nearly 2,000 attendees from 65 countries around the world!

Dr Julia Carrasco-Zanini
Sanchez, Queen Mary University of London, is the winner of the UK Biobank 2023 Early Career Researcher of the Year Award - congratulations!

We received a huge number of abstracts from students and early career researchers from all over the world. Entries were judged for their scientific merit, quality and originality, as well as their likely impact to improve human health. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to Julia for her excellent entry entitled: Proteomic prediction of common and rare diseases.

“I am really honoured to win the UK Biobank Early Career Researcher of the Year Award. I am excited to share the results of our incredible industry-academia collaboration exploring the potential to use plasma proteomics for prediction and screening of a diverse range of diseases”.

View the winning presentation slides here

2023 UK Biobank Early Career Researcher of the Year Award Runner Up: Dr Sarah Margaret Urbut, Massachusetts General Hospital

"I am so incredibly honoured, appreciative and excited to be recognized by the UK Biobank. The UK Biobank project has been absolutely invaluable to my development as a scientist and physician and has changed the way I think about data, genomics, and medicine."

2023 UK Biobank Early Career Researcher of the Year Award Runner Up: Dr Kristia Yiangou, The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics

"I am so grateful and honoured for receiving this prestigious award from the UK Biobank scientific conference. I would like to thank my supervisor, Dr Kyriaki Michailidou and all our great collaborators for their support and guidance, and the judges for selecting our project among such excellent other research projects. UK Biobank has facilitate the collective effort of the scientific community to improve public health and thus the quality of life of thousands of individuals worldwide. Thank you so much."


11.00 - 11.05 Professor Patrick Chinnery, MRC

Welcome and opening remarks

11.05 - 11.20 Professor Sir Rory Collins, UK Biobank

Past, present and future plans

Morning session: Facilitating dementia research 

11.20 - 11.25 Professor Sir Rory Collins, UK Biobank

Session Chair

11.25 - 11.35 Professor Nadeem Sarwar, Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission

The Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission and UK Biobank

11.35 - 11.45 Professor Naomi Allen, UK Biobank

Identifying dementia and cognitive decline

11.45 - 11.55 Professor Siddharthan Chandran, UK DRI, Edinburgh University

Developing diagnostic markers for dementia

11.55 - 12.05 Professor Paul Matthews, Imperial College London, UK DRI

Enhanced characterisations of risks of dementia

12.05 - 12.30 All speakers - Panel Discussion

Additional panel member: Dr Vanessa Raymont, University of Oxford

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch and networking

Early Career Researchers poster presentation

13.30 - 13.35 Professor Ben Lacey, UK Biobank 

Early Career Researcher of the Year Award announcement

13.35 - 13.45

Early Career Researcher of the Year Award winner presentation

Afternoon session: Linkage to healthcare data

13.45 - 13.50 Sir Ian Gilmore, Liverpool University 

Session Chair

13.50 - 14.00 Dr Thomas Littlejohns, University of Oxford

Value of UK Biobank primary care data

14.00 - 14.10 Dr​​​​ Prabhu Arumugam, Genomics England

The value of tumour sequencing data for research

14.10 - 14.20 Professor Reecha Sofat, Liverpool University

Value of prescription data

14.20 - 14.30 Professor Daphne Koller, Insitro

The use of histopath to power discovery

14.30 - 14.55 All speakers: Panel discussion

Additional panel member: Professor Nicola Perrin, AMRC


14.30 - 14.55 All speakers: Panel discussion

Additional panel member: Dame Clare Gerada, Immediate former President RCGP, GP South London

14.55 - 15.25 Tea break and networking

Final session: Extending genomics

15.25- 15.30: Professor Matthew Loose, Nottingham University

Session Chair

15.30 - 15.40: Dr Robert Scott, GSK

Preliminary analyses of WGS data on 0.5M participants'

15.40 - 15.50: Dr Melissa Miller, Pfizer

Unique insights through enhanced proteomics and whole genomes

15.50 - 16.00: Professor Jonathan Mill, Exeter University

Importance of measuring DNA methylation in UKB

16.00 - 16.10: Dr Lucy Burkitt-Gray, UK Biobank

Accelerating your research through the UK Biobank RAP

16.10 - 16.35: All speakers: Panel discussion

Additional panel member: Dr Keren Carss, AstraZeneca

16.35 - 16.45: Rt.Hon Lord Kakkar KBE, UK Biobank Board

Closing remarks

17.00 - 18.00 Drinks Reception

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