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UK Biobank at the Festival of Genomics

Join UK Biobank at the Biodata stage at the Festival of Genomics 26th January 2023

Accelerating genomic medicine: collaborative approaches from UK Biobank

UK Biobank, alongside a panel of industry and academic experts, will discuss how collaboration across sectors and borders is facilitating scientific discoveries for human health. Find out more about how genomic sequencing on an unprecedented scale is enabling research into the genetic determinants of disease through making these data accessible to researchers worldwide via UK Biobanks’ cloud-based Research Analysis Platform.

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Dr Mark Effingham, Deputy CEO, UK Biobank

11am Welcome from the session chair


Professor Naomi Allen, Chief Scientist, UK Biobank

11:05-11:10 - Value of UK Biobank for genomic health research

Dr Asha Collins, General Manager Biobanks, DNAnexus

11:10-11:25 - The UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform

Aiden Doherty, Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Oxford University

11:25-11:40 - Reproducible machine learning of wearables to identify novel targets

Dr Keren Carss, Director of Genome Analytics, AstraZeneca

11:40-11:55 - Whole genome sequencing 0.5M participants in UK Biobank

Dr Rowland Illing, Director and Chief Medical Officer, AWS

11:55-12:10 How the AWS cloud supports equitable research

Panel discussion and Q&A  12:10-12:30

All speakers

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