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How to take a sample: Phase 2

The phase 2 study uses the AbC-19TM Rapid test kit

Instructional video for AbC-19TM test kit


If your kit does not look like the above AbC-19TM test kit, please follow this link to watch our instructional video for the Fortress Fast Covid-19 test.


Before you start

Please double check that your kit is an AbC-19TM kit in a white box with blue and red writing. If you have a Fortress Fast home test kit, in a plain white box with an instruction booklet which is titled ‘Coronavirus antibody test for research purposes only’, please click here for complete instructions on how to use your test kit. For additional guidance, please watch our short instructional video. 

Helpful tips

-> Perform the test at room temperature (15-25°C) in a well-lit area.

-> Make sure you are using the correct kit.

-> When performing the test, lie the test on a clean flat surface.

-> Use the spare lancet if you have problems getting enough blood for the sample.

-> Do not hold the blood collector vertically when collecting the blood.

-> Do not over-fill or under-fill the blood collector.

-> Read the results immediately following the 20 minute wait time. Reading too late can give inaccurate results.

Step 1

Prepare by washing hands with nothing but soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly. Do not apply any hand cream or hand sanitiser. 

Step 2

Open foil pouch and remove test. Discard silica gel packet.

Step 3

Blood should be collected from ring or middle finger of the non-dominant hand.

Step 4

The finger-stick puncture should be performed on the side of the fingertip (just off centre), marked by the green area.

Step 5

To perform the finger-stick puncture, first remove the protective cap from the lancet. Do not remove the lancet cap until you are ready to perform the test and complete in full.

Step 6

Place the raised red platform against the side of the fingertip. Apply gentle and steady pressure for 2-3 seconds until a click is heard.

Step 7

Wait a few seconds for a drop of blood to form. If a drop does not form, very gently squeeze the sides of the finger. Ensure a good size drop of blood has formed before collecting the blood sample. When collecting the blood sample, DO NOT squeeze the bulb or push the blood collector into the puncture site.

Step 8

Holding the blood collector horizontally at a slight angle, gently touch the tip to the blood drop. The blood will automatically be drawn up the blood collector to the black fill line. Once collected, the blood will begin to clot. Move to step 9 without delay. It may be necessary to use the tissue and apply pressure to prevent continued bleeding from the puncture site.

Step 9

Holding the blood collector straight, gently touch the centre of the sample hole with the tip and squeeze the bulb carefully to add the blood to the test.

Step 10

Do not shake the test solution before using. Twist and turn the top of the test solution to break the seal.

Step 11

Apply the test solution to the sample hole on the test, one drop at a time, until there is no test solution remaining (3-4 drops).

Step 12

Wait 20 minutes before reading the results.

Step 13

After 20 minutes look at the viewing window to interpret your results. You will see one of the following combinations of lines as shown below. Read the results immediately following the 20 minute wait time and no later than 30 minutes after taking the test.”. Reading too late can give inaccurate results. Please note that the colour intensity may vary; provided you have a C-line, a visible T-line of any intensity (e.g. pink or red) should be interpreted as a positive result.

NEGATIVE RESULT: A negative result indicates that a measureable immune response to the SARS-Cov-2 Spike protein has not been detected.

POSITIVE RESULT: A positive result indicates that a measureable immune response to the SARS-Cov-2 Spike protein has been detected.

IMMUNITY: It is still unknown whether the production of antibodies offers any immunity to COVID-19. A positive result should therefore not be interpreted as immunity to COVID-19.

Please do not be alarmed if you have been vaccinated and receive a negative antibody result. It is possible that the antibody test will be unable to detect low levels of antibodies produced in response to a vaccination. In particular, factors such as age or certain medicines may determine how quickly your body will produce antibodies following vaccinations. Please continue to follow government COVID-19 legislation and guidelines, and do not change your behaviour based on your test result. For current government guidelines about COVID-19, please visit:

We need you to share your test result with us as soon as possible. Please log in to the participant website and click on "Enter test result".

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Step 14

Place all kit materials in the waste bag, seal and place in the general waste. Press and click any unused lancets before disposing of them.

The AbC-19™ Rapid Test is not suitable for recycling.

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