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Being involved 


There are lots of ways that you are already contributing to UK Biobank to advance health research and many ways you can stay involved. The key is to ensure that the contact details we have for you are accurate and up-to-date. Providing us with your email address (if you have one) is a great way to stay in touch and helps us keep our costs down. You can check and update your contact details through the participant website (you will need your nine-digit participant number found on all our communication with you).


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The value of GP Data for UK Biobank

Participant event about the value of GP data

There has been a lot of confusion in the media about NHS Digital’s recently announced plan – called the General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) – to add GP patient records to all of the other medical data that are already available centrally in the NHS for approved research and to improve health care.

Thanks to your participation in UK Biobank, and that of 500,000 other people from around the UK, an enormous amount is being learnt about how best to prevent and treat many different kinds of disabling and life-threatening diseases.

This research depends on our ability to access information about health outcomes that occur among UK Biobank participants through linkage to NHS medical record systems in accordance with the consent that you gave us when you first agreed to participate in UK Biobank.

We hosted a virtual participant event on the 18th of August from 2pm to 3pm. Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, previous Chair of the Royal College of GPs, will join other esteemed experts to help explain what is happening with GPDPR and be available to answer any questions you may have. Click on the button below to watch on-demand content from the event. 

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Serology participant event

The UK Biobank Coronavirus Serology Study: Participant event took a deep dive into our 6 month Serology project. On demand content from this interactive evening and further information are available by clicking on the button below. 

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UK Biobank's Principal Investigator wins MRC's Millennium Medal 2020

Chief Executive and Principal Investigator of UK Biobank, Professor Sir Rory Collins, has won the Medical Research Council's Millennium Medal 2020. Watch his full interview with Sarah Trenfield, Strategic Stakeholder Engagement Manager at the MRC, in which Rory shares highlights from his career. You can also click on the button below to read the full blog post. 

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Latest feature

Interview with Scientia

UK Biobank's Principal Investigator, Professor Sir Rory Collins, was asked to partake in an exclusive interview with Scientia magazine for their health and medicine issue. Click on the button below to read about UK Biobank's achievements to date, as well as the ambitious and unique potential of this exciting project. 

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A researcher thank you

"I am not sure how to thank the UK Biobank participants for helping us build the largest food liking database in the world. And it is worth so much more with all the other data available. It will take years to explore it fully!"

Nicola Pirastu, University of Edinburgh

Annual Newsletter

As a UK Biobank participant, you will receive an annual newsletter detailing new research initiatives beginning and results from health research findings through the use of the data. It will enable you to get involved where you can. We send this to you by email (if we have your email address) or by post if not. If you have not seen the latest issue, you can download a copy below. Don't forget, you can always get in touch with us with your feedback, suggestions and recommended reads. 

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Your thoughts

"Wonderful-impressive-British! Used internationally I am very proud to be part of it!"

A UK Biobank participant

Participant events

We host events every year for you to find out more about the work of UK Biobank. Events offer you the chance to meet some of the scientists using our data and to ask questions.

With 500,000 participants we have to do this via invitation only, but in the future, we will run some of these events online and can invite more people along. View previous event videos on our YouTube channel.

UK Biobank YouTube channel

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You can keep up to date on the latest developments and research findings from UK Biobank via our Twitter feed.

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Positive impact

As one of the 500,000 and one of the researchers using the data, I can say from both sides, what an excellent project.

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