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How imaging data enables scientific discoveries: Participant event

Below you can watch on-demand content from the How imaging data enables scientific discoveries virtual event for UK Biobank participants, find out more about speakers that were on the panel and explore our findings from this study.

The agenda and speakers


12:30pm - Professor Naomi Allen

Introduction and welcome 



12:35pm - Mr Steve Garratt

Background and development of the UK Biobank imaging study



12:45pm - Professor Paul Matthews

The value of UK Biobank imaging data for health research



12:55pm - Dr Anya Topiwala

Research findings using brain scans from UK Biobank



13:05pm - All


Professor Naomi Allen

Chief Scientist, UK Biobank

Professor Paul Matthews

Head of the Department of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London

Mr Steve Garratt

Program Manager, UK Biobank

Dr Anya Topiwala

Senior Clinical Researcher and Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Oxford

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